Raptor Wireless Repeater


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The Raptor Wireless Repeater boosts the signal of wireless devices, increasing the transmission range.



  • Up to 4 repeaters in a network
  • Internal 3.6V rechargeable standby battery
  • Proprietary frequency
  • Bi-directional technology
  • Range of 500m or more line-of-sight

Why Raptor Wireless Repeater?

  • Increase the range between security devices: line-of-sight installations are not always possible and that’s where the Raptor Wireless Repeater becomes very useful. It allows you to increase the range between wireless devices where there are obstructions or where the area is too large.
  • Greater protection of signals: all our wireless device signals are transmitted on a radio frequency that is not used by others. This means that these signals are more resistant to jamming and interference.
  • Immediate feedback on commands: the Raptor Wireless Repeater is able to receive signals from wireless devices and send acknowledgement back to the device to let it know that its command has been received. The repeater will then transmit the signal to the destination device. If the repeater does not get an acknowledgement from the destination device, it will retransmit the same signal three times before abandoning it thus increasing the chances of the signal being received by the destination device.