Rhino Panic Pack – User Identifiable Alert System


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Our Rhino Panic Pack is an advanced panic alert system built for tough environments with an on-board battery to provide you with adequate standby power and protection when you need it the most.


Panel Features

  • Tamper-proof housing
  • On-board battery with intelligent battery charger
  • 6 dedicated on-board wired zone inputs
  • Siren and strobe outputs (1 amp rated)
  • Supports 100 remote panic buttons
  • On-board wireless transceiver for wireless panic
  • Optional VHF or GSM communicator plug-in module
  • 500 event log


Remote Features

  • Bi-directional technology
  • Long range; up to 500m line-of-sight
  • Shielded panic button to eliminate false alarms

Why Rhino Panic Pack?

  • Affordable protection: the Rhino Panic Pack is a simply designed system that offers protection without having to install an alarm panel or any peripherals.
  • Robust housing: our panic pack comes in a compact and strongly-built metal housing which is easy to mount and built for tough environments.
  • Immediate feedback on commands: the bi-directional technology in the remote control means that you will receive visual (by means of an LED light) and audible (by means of a tone) feedback indicating whether the signal reached the receiver or not.
  • Over-the-air programming: remote controls can be programmed into the panic pack remotely when using the GSM communicator plug-in module.
  • Greater protection of signals: all our wireless device signals are transmitted on a radio frequency that is not used by others. This means that these signals are more resistant to jamming and interference.
  • User identifiable remotes: each remote is programmed to a specific user which allows for immediate identification on the panic pack’s seven segment LED display and in the control room once a panic signal is received.