Our business creates sustainable, safe futures...

beyond our customer base.

Amecor is firmly committed to uplifting society through sustainable projects that deliver life-changing impact to those they support.

The projects we support cover a number of areas including:

  • Socio-Economic development
  • Supplier Development
  • Enterprise Development
  • Skills Development


Lucha Lunako ensures that youth development projects are honed toward employable futures for youth.  Focussing on  partnerships, collaboration and innovation, the organisation works with youth development organisations, business and government to ensure sustainable support for youth employment.


YES4Youth offers employment to youths. Through the programme, Amecor employs 10 youths on 12-month contracts, providing work experience, mentorship and skills. We ensure that all who work with Amecor have their CV prepared skillfully to increase their chances of employment once their contract ends and some of the candidates are employed at Amecor on a permanent basis where permanent roles, suitable to their skills, arise.

Supplier development

Our funding to Inyosi Empowerment supports black-owned suppliers with access to finance, access to markets and access to skills.

The Fund focuses on: 

  • Strengthening local procurement to help build South Africa’s industrial base in critical sectors of production and value adding manufacturing, which are largely labour-intensive industries;
  • Actively supporting procurement from black-owned QSE’s and EME’s by identifying opportunities to increase procurement from local suppliers to support employment creation;
  • Supporting procurement from black-owned businesses to increase the participation of these businesses in the mainstream economy;
  • Promoting the use of black-owned professional service providers and entrepreneurs; and
  • Providing monetary or non-monetary contributions in favour of beneficiary entities with a specific objective of assisting and accelerating the development, sustainability and ultimate financial and operational independence of that beneficiary.

Enterprise Development

Through Inyosi Empowerment’s ICT Loan Investment Fund, Amecor invests in unlisted debt investments to support  Enterprise Development.

The investment mandate sees  target investments in the form of loans advanced to beneficiaries that meet the following requirements: 

  • Annual turnover below R50 million (when the loan was advanced)
  • At least 51% black-owned
  • An operational track record of at least three to five years.

Skills development

Through E-Deaf Skills Development Amecor  provides ABET training for eDeaf individuals (three each year) which lasts six months. In 2021, Amecor invited the trainees to work on site at  Amecor, providing valuable work experience.