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We do this by putting customers first and harnessing our deep industry knowledge to build products that empower users to take charge of their security.



Amecor offers a range of exclusive technologies relating to security, electronics and networks. Amecor’s core Group activities comprise of:

  • The manufacture and supply of sophisticated security transmission technology and applications

  • A national distribution arm providing country wide access to Amecor’s vast array of security and electronic products

  • A licensed Radio Frequency and GSM global network for data transmission and off-site equipment and /or security control

FSK Electronics

FSK Electronics (FSK) is the exclusive manufacturer of sophisticated transmission technology used primarily in the security industry and related niche markets. The company’s expert panel of engineers specialise in the design of radio and GSM transmitters, receivers and transceivers, which enable the long range communication of data between synchronized electronics.

Industry players both in the monitoring and security market are reliant on feedback transmitted from monitored equipment or relaying alarm units. FSK products assure users of unfailing data reception, in addition to offering off-site control options which can be triggered remotely from anywhere on the globe. Increased demand for remote equipment automation has necessitated the integration of FSK products and standard cellular devices. Any user may now obtain full monitoring capability and control over electronic equipment, without the need for large scale control centers.

In addition to essential transmission technology, FSK offers a range of related electronic security products which include security personnel monitoring units, vehicle dispatchers, long and short range remote controllers, and electronic gate opening technology, for use in emergency access scenarios.


All FSK products are offered with the option to utilise a secured transmission network from its sister company, Sabre Networks.

For more detailed information on FSK and its products, please access our FSK website on www.fsk.co.za

Sabre Networks

Sabre Networks (Sabre) is a licensed data network offering private frequency mediums for the wireless transmission of data across secure network channels.

Security and monitoring companies rely on stable networks to enable signal transmission and reception of data at intended points of destination. Sabre Networks hosts a range of protected network frequencies safeguarded from outside interference. Data is transmitted via two mediums, namely RF (Radio Frequency) and GSM (Global Systems for Mobile communication), which correspond simultaneously in order to ensure dual signal transmission.

All products within Amecor, capable of transmitting data, are offered to clients with the option of utilizing Sabre’s supporting network service. Sabre charges a minimal monthly fee to its subscribers in exchange for boundless network coverage, zero network downtime, as well as ongoing network maintenance and upgrades.



Chief Executive Officer

Grant was appointed CEO in December 2019. He has multi-disciplinary experience in Business Strategy, Organisational Leadership, Strategic Marketing, Business Development, Product Innovation and Development. 

His experience has driven a new vision for Amecor which will evolve over the next few years to ensure enhanced profitability and Amecor’s strategic progression as a single entity that harnesses the power of its hardware products (FSK) and network services (Sabre). Grant’s passion for innovation leads the organisation’s quest for a customer-centred mindset in product development and service delivery. 

Prior to joining Amecor, Grant was the Chief Operating Officer at MiX Telematics Africa and he has diverse experience operating at both an executive and senior level.  

Chief Financial Officer

Claire is a Chartered Accountant, having graduated from the University of Cape Town and completed her articles at KPMG. After working in London for three years, Claire returned to South Africa in 2002 and joined the corporate finance team at Anglo American plc. As a lead manager, Claire worked on M&A transactions, capital management and strategic reviews across the Anglo American plc. In 2014, Claire was appointed as Head of Mergers and Acquisitions at Torre Industries reporting to the CEO. Claire was appointed Chief Financial Officer of Amecor in December 2016 following the acquisition of Amecor by Stellar Capital.

Chief Technology Officer
BSc (Eng)

Guy qualified as an electrical engineer from the University of the Witwaterstrand. He started his career at Kentron, an aerospace and electronic company for two years before joining the Instrument and Radio Corporation (IRC) in 1996. After working in radio security for ten years he joined Amecor as a Director of Research and Development. Guy currently oversees the development of new products alongside the implementation of business systems for the control of the company’s production, stock and annuity billing business.




Tel : +27 (0) 11 477 2600

Postal Address: P.O. Box 720, Florida Hills, Roodepoort, 1716.

Physical Address: Amecor House, 14 Richard Road, Industria North 1706.

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