The Raptor is a state-of-the-art bi-directional remote

It's sophisticated transceiver technology allows for long range two way communication between remote and various Raptor receiver products. This allows the Raptor to give you visual and audible feedback to notify you whether the signal has reached the receiver or not.

Benefits of the Raptor Remote

The Raptors brilliant mechanical structure is shock and water resistant, able to deal with your adventurous lifestyle. It uses radio frequency which is not used by other remote controls, and is therefore, more immune to jamming - increasing your security and giving you peace of mind.

Water & Shock resistant


Proprietary Frequency


Long Range

up to 500m


withstands harsh conditions

6 Button

Long range remote control

Available with or without Wi-Fi



User Friendly

Modern design
with easy

Easy Customisation

Personalise the names of your panels, areas and zones. Upload unique images to differentiate between areas


Hide unused zones and areas.
Filter push notifications

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