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Compact and user-friendly alarm panel to suit all your needs

Benefits of Rhino 232

The portable panel is mobile, easy to hold, user-friendly and can travel with you anywhere in the house. Wireless 32 zone alarm panel. Robust LTE (4G) communications on-board. Easy integration into the ArmME smartphone app. Wi-Fi communications for the best app experience. Simple wireless installation.


The panel is mobile, easy to hold and can travel with you anywhere in the house.

Mobile App Control

Control your alarm system from your smartphone using the ArmME app.

Wireless Technology

Enjoy quick, easy and wireless installations catering for up to 32 zones.

Longer Battery Lifespan

The panel uses a lithium-ion battery which has a longer lifespan and higher power efficiency.

Available with or without Wi-Fi



User Friendly

Modern design
with easy

Easy Customisation

Personalise the names of your panels, areas and zones. Upload unique images to differentiate between areas


Hide unused zones and areas.
Filter push notifications

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