The Rhino Wireless Door Contact is a professional state-of-the-art sensor

It has two zones in series, one on the magnetic (reed) switch and one on the zone input terminal. It works in conjunction with the Rhino range of wireless alarm panels or with our stand-alone transceivers.

Benefits of the Rhino Wireless Door Contact

Secure bi-directional communication. Monitored radio frequency link to the alarm panel. Proprietary frequency - jamming resistant. Long battery life. Long range (repeater also available).

Low Battery

Offers low battery detection

Tamper switch

Offers an on-board tamper switch

Permanently Active

The door contact does not have a sleep function and is permanently active.

Available with or without Wi-Fi



User Friendly

Modern design
with easy

Easy Customisation

Personalise the names of your panels, areas and zones. Upload unique images to differentiate between areas


Hide unused zones and areas.
Filter push notifications

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