A professional state-of-the-art motion sensor

Engineered with the world's best components and materials, starting with a HighView™ lens and a top-quality infrared detector. Secure bi-directional communication. Monitored radio frequency link to the alarm panel. Proprietary frequency - jamming resistant. Long battery life. Long range (repeater also available).

Benefits of the Rhino Wireless PIR

A patented modern DSP ASIC directly converts the infrared detector signal into a digital form, for best reliability and stability. Finally, the signal is evaluated by HighBar™ processing for best-in-class false alarm rejection with excellent intruder detection.


12m Range

Pet immunity

Will not detect animals

Sleep Mode

Sleep mode available for high traffic areas

Available with or without Wi-Fi



User Friendly

Modern design
with easy

Easy Customisation

Personalise the names of your panels, areas and zones. Upload unique images to differentiate between areas


Hide unused zones and areas.
Filter push notifications

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