Seamless integration in a self-contained unit

The Panic Pack is a self-contained unit incorporating a 1.5 amp battery, 7 amp hour battery and a Hawk Transmitter, a 433 Mhz code hopping receiver and an on board siren driver module.

Benefits of the VHF Panic Pack

This panic pack is perfect for small, non-patrolled sites e.g. shops, atms, etc. Long range, robust VHF communications. Integrated receiver for panic remote controls. Integrated battery and power supply.

Remote Programming

Up to 10 remotes can be programmed.


100m range line-of-sight

Standard Remote

Comes with a one-button 433 Mhz remote


Tamper proof housing


Standby power

Panic Options

Audible or silent panic options

Available with or without Wi-Fi



User Friendly

Modern design
with easy

Easy Customisation

Personalise the names of your panels, areas and zones. Upload unique images to differentiate between areas


Hide unused zones and areas.
Filter push notifications

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